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All email marketing campaigns are created in Mailchimp, we handle template designs and can integrate the sign up form into your website. Mailchimp provides an easy manageable back-end that can be accessed from any location. 

Email marketing is an activity that should be used by every real estate agency. It updates your customers with current promotions, news and discounted properties. It also provides high return on investment depending on your current email list.

Email marketing is definitely a key to success, especially for return on investment, (ROI) and developing a long-lasting profitable relationship with your customers. A personalized user experience is important, for example users that are only interested in renting get a newsletter regarding the newest property rentals.

It is important to seperate users that are only interested in certain properties, to do this, you would put them into a different email list to create targeted newsletters only for them. These kinds of strategies can be very effective and profitable when you send out an email campaign. Mailchimp provides tracking and reporting as well.

The Best Email Markting Service Provider

Our team integrates Mailchimp into your company email marketing strategy. We manage email lists, create campaigns and send emails through Mailchimp. Mailchimp is the best email service provider. It goes directly into the customers inbox and doesn't go into spam.


Email Marketing Campaigns

Campaigns are set up and can be sent automatically on the required time you set the timer. We are able to select different email lists and target the groups you want. This kind of email marketing strategy requires a lot of time and preparation, but also leads to dramatic shifts in your inquiries.

Email Template Design & Landing Pages

We create the email template in Mailchimp. We can use their standard templates modify them or create a completely customized template based on your requirements. Our professional designers offer the best layouts and put your featured properties in front. Additionally, we can create optimized and special landing pages for new developments or projects for you to be able to measure visitor behaviour and get better results.

Tracking & Reporting

Campaigns can be easily followed and seen in the back-end of Mailchimp. Additionally, we work with a special web analytics software to track email clicks and visitors that visit your website.

We take care of your email marketing with our professional team from beginning 'till end.


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