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Integration of real time analytics and page monitoring software helps you to increase revenue

Analytics is a data driven tool and is used to analyze user behaviour on your website. We work with many different rewarding tools that are well known in the online industry. By analyzing click stream, page scrolling and on which buttons users click you can apply changes to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. A website that can be easily navigated by users creates more leads and sales for your company.

Data from web analytics can be used to implement improvements based on the user behaviour and click stream to improve click through rate on your website. You can also use this data for search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) campaigns,  local SEO strategies, social media marketing, email marketing and Google Ads campaigns.

It is well worth to implement several different professional analytic tools and when this is well-planned and analyzed it will turn data into money. We try to develop a long-term strategy and can monitor this on a daily basis depending on the amount of visitors that come across your website.

Additionally, we help to make sure that the analytics tracking code is implemented into the correct location inside your HTML code. This is important, otherwise, you will not receive the correct data.


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We support many different web analytics. Some are recorded in real time, and some will record the clickstream of users by making a video of where they have clicked and how far they have scrolled down/through your website. This is for each individual user that visits your website. We know which analytics are the best for the real estate industry and we know how to implement this and monitor it in order to increase leads by making upgrades and improvements to your website.