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This is a great tool to add to your current marketing campaign, it helps to grow your business and needs to be well maintained.


We are a one stop online marketing agency, and that means that you can use all the online marketing services directly from us. We support and manage social media profiles for established real estate agencies or property developers. This includes advertising on social media platforms and managing along with creating the ads.


We will customize your social media markeing strategy that suits you the best, so that it raises your brand awareness and targets the right audience you're looking for. Estate Software is a company that will fully support you managing your social profile and content planning. We also have a wide network filled with bloggers who can write custom posts about your company and vloggers who can create customized videos or reviews about the services you provide. This will help to attract new-coming customers, convince them to use your services and increase your revenue.

The results of Social Media Advertising are shown in the amount of likes, comments, views and more you would get on a post. Social Media Marketing inspires users to create advertising content from within the most popular social media platforms for attracting visitors. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok, etc. 

Social Media Advertisement

We are able to set up your advertisement campaign on social media platforms. We track your campaign with a special analytics software that helps target the right audience for you. 

Social Media Management

We can manage your current social media profile for your company by posting pictures, videos or promotions and updating your followers. This helps to increase traffic and raise brand awareness.

Setup & Custom Profile Design

We can customize your social profile across platforms in the main colours or color scheme of your company. This helps to add a theme to your profile and let people recognize your brand easier.


Integrating Apps Into Your Social Profile

We can add additional apps into your social media profile. An example would be TrustPilot, we can link it to your profile so your customers are able to view the reviews about your services. Another possibility is YouTube or any other you would like.


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